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Is Waxing the Answer?

Most of us have some hair on our bodies. Some of us are content to leave things the way they are and let that hair do its own thing. Some of us aren’t. That’s why you’re here, right? There are all kinds of reasons for wanting to remove unwanted hair. Reasons range from weddings, celebrations, dates, athletic competitions, vacations, surgeries, comfort, hygiene, grooming and simply to improve the way you feel about yourself. The reason doesn’t matter. The method, convenience, results and expense do make a difference.

Let’s talk about some methods which are available to remove hair:

The first one is shaving. Shaving is common in our culture. It’s one of the first form of hair removal we experiment with as we hit puberty. We hit an age where hair begins to grow and out comes those razors! Shaving is inexpensive and accessible. There are a few downsides of shaving. Some people believe the more you shave, the more you will have to shave, and that shaved hair can become coarser over time. That’s more of a gene thing than a result of shaving. It is true is that shaving can cause uncomfortable ingrown hair. If you get adventurous and stray from facial hair, arms and legs expect infections from ingrown hair. They are uncomfortable, itchy and unattractive. Defeating the purpose of removing the hair in the first place.

Another inexpensive method easily done at home is tweezing or plucking. This is more of a spot treatment for errant hair rather than a full removal of a lot of hair. When you go this route, you should expect to have to maintain the practice regularly. Plucking can be painful and it can also cause ingrown hairs. Continually tweezing hair from the same area can cause hair to grow back thinner, slower or not at all. So, you want to have a steady hand and good eye sight.

You’ll usually find chemical cream, gel, lotions and powder next to the women’s shaving supplies wherever you shop. These depilatory methods are attractive because they are also relatively inexpensive. Results can last longer than shaving. Maybe only longer by a day or so because the hair is removed from just under the surface of the skin, but longer. This method uses chemicals. They smell. The chemicals can cause burns for some with sensitive skin. Even if your skin can handle the chemicals, you’ll need to stick with the basic arms and legs. Forget about your face and the parts you usually keep hidden from the rest of the world!

Waxing is the service we offer at Be Well Massage and Skin Care. Professional waxing can last for several weeks because it removes hair from deep beneath the skin. Unlike shaving, tweezing or depilatory methods, you can safely and effectively wax anywhere you grow hair, even the private places you don’t show the world. Repeated waxing over time can cause hair to become finer and in some cases cause permanent removal. I won’t lie, it can hurt. But it’s quick and effective. You’ll also see results after one session. We have set pricing for commonly requested waxing services such as brows, lips, arms, legs, bikini, and Brazilian waxing. We also offer consultations for specialty waxing including back, chest and chin. The cost of waxing varies depending upon the service, but overall is moderately priced and the results keep skin smooth and hair free for up to six weeks.

Electrolysis is another way to go. These are medical treatments which use a device that has a microscopic needle which forces heated electricity into the hair follicle below the skin. Fifteen to twenty treatments over 12 to 18 months will usually permanently remove hair in the treated area. Since electrolysis is considered a medical treatment, you can expect the cost to be higher, but you shouldn’t expect your medical insurance to cover this cosmetic procedure. Session prices range from $30-$100 each for targeted hair removal.

Lastly, I’ll talk about laser hair removal. Lasering is also considered a medical treatment. It’s also recommended that the service be performed by a technician working under a board-certified health care professional. The process targets hair by using laser pulses on the area treated and the laser can treat several hairs at the same time. It can take six or more sessions to see results. While this treatment can be effective for darker hair on fairer skin, it isn’t going to work well for everyone. Side effects can include burns, swelling, blisters and scarring. Some find laser hair removal painful and the side effects can linger. Packages locally range from $25-$180 per treatment area.

When it comes to hair removal, there are options. If you want results sooner rather than later and you don’t want to spend a small fortune, check out waxing.


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