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New Year, New Me?

Last year is so over, the new year is here!

Did you make a New Year's resolution? We've been conditioned to make resolutions and start over with every year. But is it really necessary? Or are we constantly setting ourselves up for unrealistic expectations and failure? Big goals are great. But those big goals can feel so out of reach that even our first steps can seem daunting. How many New Year's resolutions have you made and forgotten about by the end of the month? Statistically, about 40% of Americans make resolutions with 80% of us abandoning them by the end of February. The top three resolutions concern an aspect of health and wellness. However, the older we get, the fewer resolutions we make. Considering all the hype, January isn't a particularly successful time of the year to set achievable big goals. Small goals, however may be more effective. Did you know that each of us at Be Well are goal setters? While we operate as one big team, we each run our own business under the "umbrella" of Be Well Massage & Skin Care provided by Kimberly Stockslager. We're all experienced goal setters, with one thing in common-- we started with a small goal and built on it. As the month of January rolls on, we suggest setting some simple wellness goals that are achievable:

  • Add more water to your day

  • Decide to have a good day before you roll out of bed

  • Try meal prepping once or twice a month

  • Move for ten minutes every day

  • Use sunscreen every day

  • Connect with a friend or family member once a week

Whatever you decide to try, make it something you want to do and think is achievable. Then build on it. Then, celebrate the achievement! As you build on your small goals, the bigger ones will come. Above all, don't forget that those goals can be set any day of the week, not just January 1st.


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