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What if I fall asleep during my massage? Totally okay! When you are so relaxed that you fall asleep, we take that as a compliment. If you don't wake up on your own, we will gently awaken you.


What should I wear? Wear whatever you want! Each room is designed to provide a private and comfortable space. We give you privacy, space ad time to dress or undress as needed.


I couldn't get a sitter can I bring my child? Your experience will be more beneficial if you leave your child/children at home or with a caregiver. We are not equipped to provide entertainment or supervision for children. Please let us know that you need to reschedule. 


Can I book more than one service in a day? Certainly! We are happy to provide more than one service in a day


Do you accept insurance? Our providers are licensed through the state of Delaware to provide our services. While we are not able to bill your insurance company, we can provide receipts and documentation so that with a doctors order or prescription, you may be able to be reimbursed. Please consult with your insurance provider and physician before booking with us.


I have a medical condition. Do I need to let you know? You should always let us know if your health condition has changed before you have us perform a service. If you are unsure, call before your appointment. We are here to improve your health and well-being, not to contribute towards your ill health.


What kind of training have you had? Each of us has pursued education and training in our respective disciplines. We are all required to maintain our accreditation and licencing through continuing education and to abide by the standards of our respective practices.

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