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But It Hurts To Move!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I’ve been thinking about this post for a few days. I knew what I wanted to say, but not quite how to say it. These are strange times. Like many of you, I am doing my best to work from home, social distancing from clients, family and friends. I’m keeping my circle small and quietly going stir crazy. Meanwhile, my small business that we’ve worked so hard to build, is closed until at least mid-May. It’s understandable. You can’t provide the services we do without touching people. As we learned of each Executive order and restrictions being placed upon our activities of daily living, we developed plans to adapt. As the number of Covid-19 cases began to appear in our small state, it quickly became apparent that adapting wouldn’t work. We had to accept the hard decisions. The only comfort? While we are isolated, we are not alone.

As a health and wellness business, some might not consider our services essential. There are aspects which are geared more towards image, convenience and beauty. Those services complement the massage services we offer. Which brings me back to my focus: “it hurts to move.” For many, massage provides drug-free relief from sometimes debilitating pain. There are many who book weekly, bi-weekly and monthly massage appointments rather than rely on drugs for relief. Living relatively pain free without being in a fog and dependent upon drugs is a real quality of life issue.

I also live with daily pain due to medical conditions. This makes my life more challenging on some days. So, my concern for those who consider massage essential is very real. I can put up all kinds of heart-warming posts on Facebook and Instagram to remind our followers that we’re here. I can provide encouragement, support, ideas and stay connected, but I can’t, we can’t provide the essential healing touch of massage.

What else can I do as a small service-based business owner to support our clientele? I’m stuck in the same place most of you are! I’m worried. I’m trying to find my new daily routine. I’m wondering how I’m going to continue my personal health and wellness journey so I can maintain my mobility. I thought about what one of my long-term clients has been telling me for fifteen years: laying around is more painful than moving, even when it hurts to move. Then, “my” gym which has helped me discover my wellness reached out to me to let me know that they were doing virtual classes for their communities.

Here was something I could do. I can support other locally owned, small businesses who are doing their best to provide physical and mental wellness to our community through online or virtual classes. I can share the resources with our clients, friends and followers. By doing this, I can pay-it-forward and perhaps help our clients get moving and these businesses sustain some income even if Be Well Massage & Skin Care is limited to gift cards and the FarmHouse Fresh Goods and A Natural Difference product lines we offer (call me (302) 883-3066).

So, here’s my list of smaller, locally owned studios and gyms who have confirmed that they are offering online options:

Now, this is just a small list and if I’ve missed anyone, please reach out to me via email at If you’re interested in what any of these businesses are offering, please follow up with them. If you have questions about whether you should begin the program you’re interested in, please consult with your physician. I hope you can find ways to keep moving during this pandemic. If you need to speak with your massage therapist, please reach out to us. We’re still here. In our separate, little corners of the world. Staying as busy and hopeful as we can.

Be well.


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