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Pain Relief. Is It Possible?

There aren’t many of us who don't experience physical pain. Muscle pulls, overuse injuries, chronic pain and other medical conditions hurt. Each cause inflammation which can sometimes be untouchable. Pain relief may start with topical treatments and an over the counter pain reliever. Each may provide some short-term respite. If the pain doesn’t go away, we seek medical advice. The advice may result in physical therapy or medications we can’t get over-the-counter. We change our mattresses and chairs. We add pillows, soak in tubs, change our diets and have a stiff drink. We'll try massage, acupuncture, reiki or chiropractic care. Some people seek lifestyle changes, which is difficult because, well… you’re in pain!

I’ve been there. Some days it seems as though my body lives in a constant state of hurt. I have clients who say the same thing. I have so many stories about the search for pain relief that I can’t remember them all. We are all seeking a solution. We want to go about the activities of daily living without drugs and pain.

If your doctor says its okay, regular massage can be a lifesaver. If your doctor approves, massage with CBD oil may be a life changer. CBD oil has been legal in Delaware since 2014. Since then, there has been a lot of hype about CBD, otherwise known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the primary chemical compounds produced by the cannabis plant. They have been patented by the US Department of Health and Human Services as “antioxidants and neuroprotectants.” I started looking into offering CBD massage. I was interested in the research supporting CBD for use as a topical treatment for pain. I found that there was enough evidence to suggest that use would help reduce inflammation and pain. What I also learned was like most other products, not all CBD oil is the same. CBD is classified as a natural product. There are no standard mandated tests required. The quality of the product available varies greatly. Manufacturing methods play a huge part.

Then I looked for a product which could be used topically. It needed to provide benefits without having the negative psychological effects of THC. I needed to understand the manufacturing process and testing the products undergo before coming on to the market. I did my homework and consulted with my team. I ordered some samples. I tested on myself. We all tested the products. We offered the CBD to some clients who provided feedback. We decided to offer massage using Hempfield Botanicals CBD at Be Well Massage & Skin Care.

A CBD massage is slightly different than the other massage modalities we offer. We suggest that you consult with your doctor before booking. When you book, take extra care on your intake form. List and be prepared to chat with us about any specific medications that you are taking. After we talk and understand what you need, we’ll answer any additional questions you may have. We’ll leave you to prepare for your massage. When you are ready for the body work to begin, we will use a special CBD infused massage lotion. The lotion is designed for muscle recovery. During your massage, we’ll focus on the areas you specifically want targeted for relief. When you leave, we’ll send you home with a 1-ounce bottle of relaxing CBD oil. You can continue to apply your CBD oil to your trouble areas.

Interested in CBD massage? Give us a call!


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