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Feeling anxious? Raise your hand!

It’s a strange time. We’re “all in this” together. But we’re also “all in this” very much alone.

Some of us are considered “essential” going to work, while others of us are tagged “non-essential” and being required to stay-at-home. Some of us non-essential people are still working, but now we do it online through virtual systems. Some of us are no longer working because our businesses have been shut down. Some are still working but not sure how long that will last.

Then there are the challenges facing families with children who are now trying to juggle home-schooling along

with whichever work category you now fall into. We also have families who, at the best of times, struggle to co-exist. There are those who handle parenthood alone. Then there are those who live alone or in nursing homes who have had little or no contact with anyone for weeks. Its enough to cause the most serene among us more than a little anxiety.

We all know these things (and more), so why am I writing about it? Shouldn’t my blog be about wellness and self-care? Shouldn’t I talk about happy things or things we can fix? Bear with me. There’s a point to all this. It’s all about contrast. It’s about changing what we can. It’s about our mindset. It’s always about our mindset.

As we deal with the anxiety, some of us are making a point to be physically active. I talked about that last month. I wrote about physical activity as it relates to physical wellness. As an added benefit, physical activity can also lead to improved attitudes and outlook. If you didn’t follow up with any of those local businesses to tap into their resources, this is a judgement free zone. There’s still time and they still welcome your participation.

But there are other ways to try to keep yourself from falling into the anxiety abyss. Some people find their way out of that pit by doing for others. Since we’re all

about local, let me tell you about some local initiatives. We have crafters and seamstresses who are making facemasks for the hospitals to use and those who are making facemasks to sell as fundraisers for non-profits. Various local musicians are offering up music to help get us (and them) through this period of time. Theatre companies are offering readings, shows and snippets of entertainment. Churches are embracing Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, and email to offer worship and hope. There are also people volunteering to work food giveaways up and down our state. Restaurants and organizations are giving away food and beverages to support children, families and frontline workers. Covid-19 survivors are making blood donations

in the hope that their antibodies will help our communities. There are so many things and people doing good for others. It is amazing! It can also be overwhelming.

These people, and so many others are inspiring and providing hope. Right? Or do you look at them and say to yourself “That’s great. I admire what they’re doing. But that isn’t me right now.” That’s okay. If you are looking around at the world thinking that you’re doing well to just get out of bed and get dressed, that’s where you are-- and let me tell you—that’s okay too.

So, here’s this month’s challenge: check in. Think of someone. Think of anyone. Make that person a priority. Make a phone call. Send a text. Leave a message. Write a note. Send an email. Something. Whatever you can do that works for you, but check on someone. That simple task may make all the difference in the world. It may help them, but it may also help you. If you manage one, try for two. Small steps, my friends. Small, socially distant steps, but steps.

Be well.


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