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Wash Your Hands

We get up close and personal with our clients. It’s a fact of life. Being prepared to safely and hygienically interact with you is essential for licensed massage therapists, technicians, estheticians and makeup artists. Safety and sanitation courses are part of our initial training and continuing education. Yes, we’re required to keep up with changes and we study so that we can continue our careers. Practicing safety, sanitation and hygiene has always been vital to maintaining our licenses to practice in the state of Delaware and for our facility to pass inspections.

Be Well Massage & Skin Care has always maintained a clean and sanitary environment in accordance with licensing for the various techniques we practice. We wash our hands before, after and often during your service. Between clients, we wipe down tables, replace linens, sanitize surfaces and any tools we use. Our towels and linens are washed daily. We do not share our tools, nor do we share tools from client to client until they have undergone rigid sterilization processes.

One aspect of our training is maintaining our commitment to our own hygiene. Some days this means we pass on the garlic and onions to ensure you have a comfortable experience. It means we bathe and make sure our deodorant is effective. A more serious aspect is that we do not work with clients when we are unwell. I’m sure that we’ve disappointed more than a few customers when we call or text asking to change an appointment when we have been under the weather.

During this time of practicing social distancing and taking extra care to be on high alert, we are taking additional precautions. To ensure the health and well-being of our customers, our spaces and ourselves, we are constantly wiping down doorknobs and other commonly touched surfaces, cleaning common spaces daily, and providing additional antibacterial solutions. We are also taking care of and evaluating one another and working with each one of our clients regarding their health.

If you do not feel well, please let us know. We can easily cancel your appointment. If you’ve been to see us and find yourself under quarantine while being tested, reach out to us and let us know as soon as possible.

Please know that we are just as committed to your health and well-being today as we have always been. We appreciate your concerns and trust and our hope is that you continue to Be Well.


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